The World’s Number One University

Harvard University

If your guess was that Harvard University is the world leader in Universities, it’s correct, its standard is by which all other research universities are judged and measured by. There is simply no other facility that have challenged them for the number one position. As one of the oldest universities it is also the world’s richest and its endowment fund has grown incredibly within 15 years from $4.6 billion to $25.8 billion. Currently is stands on $36 billion and this fortune is still growing, but there is definitely more to this university than its riches. Harvard produced 48 Pulitzer Prize winners, 32 heads of state and over 69 Nobel Prize winners. Plus its ideally situated, have classes of around 20 students and most of its lectures are full time.

Harvard University1

The number two position is taken by Stanford University who are on 1,189 acre Jasper Ridge biological preserve and has a 150 foot radio telescope. Its endowment is $18.7 billion rich and its finest minds include 51 members of the American Philosophical society, 22 Nobel Prize winners and 158 National Academy of Science members.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology is ranked in the third place and graduates include 56 National Medal of Science winners, 80 Nobel Laureates and 43 MacArthur fellows. People affiliated with MIT includes Buzz Aldrin, Noam Chomsky, and Ben Bernanke and MIT publish 30 prestigious journals and around 220 books yearly.

The fourth position in the US is taken by the University of California and this elite learning institution have over 36,000 students and an exceptionally selection of more than 350 degree programs. It draw students from more than 100 nations and have produced 77 Fulbright scholars, 22 Nobel Laureates, 32 MacArthur Fellows and 39 members of the American Philosophical Society.

It becomes clear to see why Harvard is the most popular choice amongst students as it has the highest number of graduates to ever win Nobel prizes and no less than 5 of its graduates become US Presidents. It is also the university with the richest endowment funds with more than 50% higher than any other university and it has die-hard fans around the globe. But for those who aim to become a graduate at the global leader it is necessary to apply years in advance as the acceptance of 2019 students have already closed and up to 95% of students applying are not accepted.

Each year 2,000 highly driven students are interviewed for admission, these are subject to a grilling half hour interview by officials and the questions include everything from experience to leadership ability. Obviously it include an explanation why the student want’s to enroll at Harvard, why they want an MBA degree and strengths and weaknesses. The trick questions to narrow down the thousands to the small amount that does get accepted include, what the student identified that he would never be as good in as others, description of what he should do more of, or less of, or what he should start.