The Most Popular Universities in the USA

Most Popular Universities in the USA

An enormous variety of universities are available to students and while some tries to stay close to their home towns or cities, international opportunities are also available. As far as universities go in the USA two records were set, the first is that more international students select to study in the United States with an increase of over 40% in the last decade and students from the US that studies abroad have increased by 10%, which means about 3% of American students are studying abroad.

Currently, international students makeup around about 4% of students enrolments and contributes in excess of $24B to the United States economy across all 50 states. The increase is due to scholarship programs and its changes in the last decade.

Looking at international students that enrolled in the USA a high percentage of about 49% comes from India, China, and South Korea. With the variety of top universities offering exceptional degrees in America, the most popular colleges mostly determined by the highest number of international students include the following universities.

New York University

Out of a list of 50 top universities, these were the most popular and for good reason. Columbia University is New York State’s oldest and was founded in 1754. It was founded originally by George II of Great Britain as Kings College and was renamed in 1784.

The New York University or also known as the NYU was founded by Mordechai Manuel Noah and Albert Gallatin in 1831, making it one of the world’s oldest research institutions for higher learning. NYU is also the largest private non-profit university and in 1950 was elected to the Association of American Universities. NYU is located in six different centers throughout parts of New York City and in more than a dozen other locations around the world, it has 20 colleges, schools, campuses and institutes in Shanghai and Abu Dhabi. Milestones that are notable include that more students study abroad after attending NYU than any other university or college in America and other milestones include 30 Academy Awards and 36 Nobel Prizes.

USC or University of Southern California was founded on the land and donations of John Gately Downey, Isaias Hellman and Ozro Childs in 1880. As the oldest Californian Research University, it offers 21 colleges and schools with nearly 40K enrolled students and offers 250 majors and schools include School of Cinematic Arts, which is the largest and oldest film school in the USA that offers six programs with degrees. USC milestones include the most Olympic medals, with medals of over 135 in gold, 87 silver and 100 bronze and well over a million patience receives care from USC physicians yearly. Producer and director George Lucas best known for the Star Wars films donated $175 million for expansion of the film school in 2006.

Steven Spielberg

Famous celebrities that graduated from USC include Steven Spielberg, Neil Armstrong, Will Ferrell, Tom Selleck and Robert Zemeckis. This is also the most popular university for younger celebrities such as Patrick Schwarzenegger, Paula Patton and Reggie Bush who was one of this university’s best football players and later played for New Orleans Saints and the Miami Dolphins.