From Top University to Millionaire


A graduate list of the rich revealed universities that produced the most millionaires and billionaires. The lists also show which universities had the most super wealthy students in the UK and Oxford had 401 super-rich graduates, but then Cambridge had more billionaires.

After producing 401 graduates who are worth $20 million or more it is Oxford University who comes out at the top of the list and Cambridge University having 361 graduates takes second place, but it has the highest number of billionaires. At Cambridge, the list of super-rich graduates are worth £169 million that is twice as much as the ex-students who are ultra-wealthy and graduated from Oxford. The three universities that completes the list of the top 5 universities listed on the super-rich list are London’s universities including Nottingham, Manchester, and Birmingham.


The Oxford super-rich graduates include Nat Rothschild, Matha Lane Fox, and Michael Palin, the list only takes into consideration graduates who are valued at least $20 million. With universities of London occupying the balance of the top five on this list includes the London School of Economics, Imperial College London and London Business School in fifth, which is also known for the successful leaders in business such as Tata Teas and Justine Greening.

Manchester University is the only remaining university to claim more than 100 of mega rich graduates. It is Cambridge and Oxford universities that are the aristocratic elite, but only a few of the multi-millionaires who attend the school inherited the wealth they possess. At Oxford it is more than 2/3’s of the graduate’s worth over $20 million who had no assistance from their families and made their wealth from their own effort. By contrast, the University of Edinburgh graduates are less than half who used their entrepreneurial spirits to get rich as the majority relied on inheritances. The University of Birmingham is king when it comes to self-made millionaire and 84% of its graduates who are super-rich actually became rich on their own.

Research suggested that lucrative subjects to study are law, engineering and medicine as these are the most significant to boost students income over the course of their career. An overwhelming majority or the ultra-rich are male from British universities, only one in eleven is female and Oxfords graduates that are super wealthy shows that 94% are male. The London School of Economics in the third spot has 273 super-wealthy graduates of which Mick Jagger is one and studied business.

Looking at the complete international list, UK is lagging in super-rich graduates globally as the US dominates. The international list shows Harvard University in the number one spot with 2.964 students worth $622 billion, Cambridge 361 worth £169m, LSE have 273 and they are worth £84m, Imperial graduates of 127 are worth £67m followed by Manchester where 102 of the rich graduated worth £22m, Nottingham 99 – £22m at Edinburgh graduates worth £52 is a total of 80 and 68 of the Birmingham students are worth £69m.