Career Options by Program of Study


A degree is an important step in the assets you will have and earn in your future and planning includes what career doors open with certain studies, here are some of the careers according to specific study programs. But it is always advised to discuss career options with student advisers or career consultants.

Students interested in accounting studies, oriented towards working in management or business, an accounting degree is a solid foundation for leading your own business. But other options in accounting include real estate agent, market research analyst, bank research consultant, chartered financial analyst, stockbroker, forensic accountant, tax consultant and risk manager.

Economics appeal to students interested in the demand of goods, supply, services and satisfying customers’ demands. Economic graduates have a wide variety of options and potential careers and a degree in economics could open doors to an extremely wide field. Options include planner, lawyer, journalist, editor, agricultural economist, market analyst, statistician, teacher, health policy planner, professor, lobbyist and demographer. While some of the careers could require additional education in specific areas of career selection.

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Students who are fascinated by design and art and have the ability to paint or draw could be attracted to a degree in design. A bachelor’s of design honors degree is offered by several universities and could fit exactly what you have in plan for your future. Career options include within interactive media design, painting, photographing, set design, illustrating, website development, journalism, art, and curatoring.

Staying with art forms, students who enjoy expressing themselves through dancing such as ballet, tap or jazz can take their passion and make a career from it. It’s one of the oldest programs and many universities offer programs focused on music, film, and theater. The list of careers includes many forms of dancing or music such as a performer, stunt person, special effects consultant, actor, dancer, dance studio owner, director, stage crew manager, media correspondent, theater administrator, critic, and choreographer.

Space Engineering is for everyone that has always been keen on outer space exploration and the studying of space engineering expose students to unique degrees in which they gain hands-on experience to contribute to space exploration. Potential careers for graduates include some that are directly associated with all areas of space engineering and some others. Starting off with an astronaut, engine designer, satellite engineer, pilot, airline engineer, government policy adviser, shuttle designer, electrical engineer, industry analyst and payload systems engineer.

Physics & Astronomy are perfect for those who are interested in understanding nature at its deepest level and the exploration of phenomena. A major in physics and astronomy will develop knowledge and could lead to a career centered in an incredibly diverse range of careers, including earthquakes investigations and many others. Here are just a limited few career options, crime scene analyst, radiologist, a nuclear physicist, radiologist, astrophysicist, soil tester, science writer, technical writer, medical illustrator, metallurgist, medical researcher, crime scene analyst, pollution analyst, cytotechnologist, researcher and water quality inspector.

With the wide variety of career options, ensure your future with a degree in the direction you wish to have a career in, different professional abilities allow graduates to follow a specific direction and adding additional education in the form of professional courses could add to a more in-depth career choice.