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While thousands of students know exactly what career they would study towards, for many it only comes after much thought. Once that very important decision is made, it is followed by a program of study, university choice and knowing what to expect could make the first year of university attendance much easier.

Varsity life brings with it a feel of freedom and although it is well worth looking forward too, it involves a lot of discipline to study independently and that is probably the biggest challenge to find balance between a social and a study life. Those who have experienced university agrees that the most important part is keeping your eye on the goal, stick to a study program and never lose focus on what career will follow if you keep pushing forward to achieve the best possible results.

Depending on your study program it could mean quite a couple of years at the university selected and expos are a great way for students to make the final decision of where to study. While many universities at times combine to have a multi expo, it is great for parents and students to attend them to find the perfect fit. Decisions include qualifications required, subjects or study programs offered, affordability, area and campus facilities.

But what to focus your decisions on when choosing a university could still be a difficult task. There are students who would have the benefit of studying full time and others that look at part time studies due to commitments or financial reasons. With numerous universities offering both full time and part time degrees, part time students can continue with their daily lives and fit studying in, although it might take longer it can still boost their career options and income tremendously.

The number of students studying at universities internationally increases yearly and with over 49% of students registering in the USA. Students who wish to study abroad can consult many lists of the top facilities and would depend on what is the most important to the individual. Looking at the Forbes list of the wealthiest people with university degrees could give some indication of what they studied and where. Probably the most respected is the founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates and with an estimate of $82 billion being his net worth, this billionaire studied at Harvard and his major was law.
Harvard is not only classified as the richest university, it is also is the number one on the Academic Ranking list of World Universities. With over 74% of their classes with less than 20 students and most lecturers being full time the university also impress with the most Nobel Prizes, producing the most USA presidents and the highest number of Pulitzer Prize winners.

While each year only 2,000 students are accepted the number of students applying to this university giant is over 37,000 and those are top students. Currently the 2019 registration have been completed and up to 95% of all students are not accepted. With many options available apart from Harvard and the wide variety of careers opened by many programs of study, it is important to make some of the decisions much sooner than most students think.